The 4-Week Half Marathon Crash Course

Hop Into A Half! You can run a half-marathon on the fly if you’re already logging several weekly 10-Ks.


Just as with crashing a marathon, long runs, tempo runs, and fartlek sessions will prepare you for the demands of the distance.

So will time off. Resting is as important as running when you’re cramming. Days off after long runs and key workouts are critical to heal damage.


  • Long run: 10 – 12km at 80 percent of your goal half-marathon pace.
  • Two or three easy runs.
  • Fartlek workout: Run two minutes at goal pace, then jog for one minute; repeat four times.

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  • Long run: 12 – 15km.
  • Two or three easy runs.
  • Tempo workout: Warm up, then run 3 – 5km at race pace; cool down for one or two kays.

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  • Long run: 15 -18km.
  • Two or three easy runs.
  • Tempo workout (see week 2).


  • Long run: 15 -18km.
  • Two or three easy runs.
  • Fartlek workout: Run three minutes at goal pace, jog one minute. Repeat four times.


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Too easy? Try a full marathon in four weeks.

Too hard? Go for a 5 or 10-K in four weeks.

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5 Responses to “The 4-Week Half Marathon Crash Course”

  1. WeZo says:

    So this would work if i’m cramming some serious training for 2Oceans Half? havnt trained properley all summer and its 48 days left. Is it possible to log an ok time? what you guys think?

    PS: a season of cricket has killed my road and trail running!


    • Lee says:

      I came here to get advice but must take issue with the recommended program. I did a fast (for me) 16 k run 8 days before my last half marathon and it killed my event, the efforts for the 16 k would have been better spent on race day.

    • TYRONE says:


      I started training for my 4th two oceans half marathon in December.
      I have done my long runs,Hill repeats and speed sessions including gym work for strengthening exercises using dumbbells(Arms,Core,squats and walking lunges and chest)

      I have had 2 bouts of flu within a short space of time and currently still recovering since last week Tuesday(about 10 days).
      I am taking Viral Ease,Nasal spray and curonse c and do not want to risk my condition worsening
      as I am 60 years old(been running for over 35 years.Have done 4 Comrades,7 Two oceans Ultras.
      & will be running my 4th Two oceans Half Marathon)

      When should I resume training I what last minute program do you recommend and do I continue
      with supplementation with immune booster etc.

      Will appreciate your kind assistance as your advise will be welcomed.

      Kind regards

  2. Mohammed says:

    There is a half marathon being held in glasgow in appropriately 5 weeks. I haven’t done any long distance before but am thinking of training for the up coming event. As a novice in this event, I am just looking to finish the event. Would the above mentioned programme be suitable le for me??

  3. Kaushal Rabadia says:

    What qualifies as an easy run while preparing for a 10k?

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