Fordyce Recounts Harrowing Morning Attack

“They are welcome to my shoes: They’d already done 1000km and smelled like Gorgonzola.” Comrades legend Bruce Fordyce still in good humour after being attacked on morning runĀ – by Mike Finch

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Nine-time Comrades champion Bruce Fordyce survived being attacked on an early morning run but maintained that the robbers were welcome to his shoes because ‘they’d already done 1000km and smelled like Gorgonzola cheese.’

The 61-year-old was out on a 10km run at 5.30am and was half an hour in when a car slowly approached him.

“I thought it was a car that was lost so I walked up to to see if I could help and was suddenly staring down the barrel of two guns,” Fordyce told Runner’s World.

They kickedĀ and hit Fordyce who landed in the nearby bushes trying to fend off the attackers.

“They were trying to pull at my shorts because I had my gate opener in the back, and I think they thought it was a cellphone. There is apparently CCTV footage of the incident and I’m embarrassed to stay that people are probably going to see my lily-white ass now,” Fordyce said.

The attackers also took his shoes, a cheap plastic watch and one of the gloves he was wearing.

The attack took place less than 500m from his home so Fordyce, in his unflappable style, returned home and decided to complete the 10km run he had set for himself.

People said I should go and see a therapist but us runners, we know, that running is the best therapy.

“People said I should go and see a therapist but us runners, we know, that running is the best therapy. What better way to deal with this than to go out and finish the run.”

Fordyce admitted that he was still shaken by the incident by shouted at his attackers as they drove away.

“I shouted: Well done, you just beat up a 61-year-old… I hope you proud of yourself,” Fordyce said.


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  1. Allan May says:

    Well done Bruce, great attitude.

  2. Joye says:

    I was recently a victim of a “home invasion” four balaclava, crowbar wielding thugs came into my lounge at 20:15 one Wednesday evening on our small-holding in the Philadelphia area in the Cape, they tied me up and proceeded to ransack the house looking for “gold, money, guns and cellphone”, my partner disturbed them and they fled, as they did I wished them God’s speed ‘cos he is the only person I can think of who can dish out the justice they deserve. Strongs to Bruce

  3. Cass Goolam says:

    I’ve been in awe with the achievements of Bruce since the 80’s. I’m a runner myself and really look up to such stalwarts of running. So I’m deeply saddened by such atrocious attack on him.

    More so because I also was a victim of such an attack on 2017-03-09 @ 04:30. I was ten minutes into my run when suddenly three assailants came at me with knives with such brutal conviction as if they were furious with me. I was saved by my tactical capabilities gained through the years as a veteran police officer. During the exchange of blow and avoidance of the blades, I even shouted in Zulu: “why do you want to kill me?” That seemed to distract them a little. When they charged at me again, one was shouting “iringi, iringi!” As I ‘back-paddled’ to avoid being stabbed, I took off my ring and threw it at the. As one picked it up I booted him in his throat and he lay choking. Just then a white Fortuner slowed down near the scene and my assailants ran away.

    I was more shaken about why would somebody want to kill me than the incident itself. I remember their faces clearly and hope to meet them again, on my terms.

    However, as a country we need to stop pointing fingers and face crime head-on as a collective.


    Cass Goolam

  4. Minette says:

    I am just glad that Bruce is okay and that they did not shoot him. God’s angels is with you Bruce. You are a good man.

  5. Graham Handley says:

    Bruce you were an inspiration back in the eighties, and still are today, this kind of attitude, is what winners are made of !.Well done on getting the better of your attackers, you are a winner yet again!.

    All the best
    Graham Handley

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