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Run The Vines #6

Run the Vines 2016

After the success of the 1st Run The Vines series that started in March 2015 the feeling is that the 2016 series could only be bigger and better.

The fact that from the novice runner to the more serious runner can come out with family and friends to a different wine farm every month while enjoying the good food, wine, hospitality and live music after their run surely contributes to the success of the series.

This year runners that pre-enter and pre-pay for all 12 events before the 1st event on the 5th of March 2016 and then run in all 12 events will again receive their 12 bottles of wine (1 from each farm where they ran and finished), after the last run in Feb 2017.

Other benefits will be:

  • A free membership to The Vines Club that will give you special discounts on food, wine, merchandise and accommodation at some of the farms belonging to the Paarl Wine Route. The list of farms and discounts will be confirmed before the 1st event on the 5th of March 2016 at Rhebokskloof.
    • A discount on all Run/Ride and Dine The Vines Merchandise.
    • Free entry to festivals that coincide with the Run such as the Ommiberg Festival, Proe Paarl Festival and the Perdeberg Family Festival.
    • Discounted entries to other events hosted by Onsite Events such as the Wagon Trail Night Series at the Anura Wine Estate.
    • A free invite to the awards dinner after the last event in February 2017. Two options are available:
    • Once of payment of R720 for the 5km and R960 for the 10km.
    • Down payments of choice. Full amount of R840 for the 5km and R1080 for the 10km must be paid before 28 Feb 2016. NB: If you make use of this option and not pay the full amount before 28 February 2016 you will void the full amount that you already paid.

Normal entries for the series will be R80 for the 5km and R100 for the 10km. Late-entries will pay R30 extra per entry. Events fees might vary due to the festivals that coincide with the run.

The 1st run on the 5th of March 2016 will be R100 for the 5km and R120 for the 10km. You will again receive your free entry to the Ommiberg Festival valued at R120.

Starting time: 10km: 8am; 5km Fun Run: 8:15am.

For online entries and entry fees visit https://entries.onsite-events.co.za/events

Date Event Type Area
09 August 2016 Trail Boland, Western Cape
Distance Venue Cost
10km, 5km Olsen Winery 10km: R100 (Late Entries: R 130); 5km: R80 (Late Entries: R110)
Contact Details
Lans Pepler | lans@theonsitegroup.co.za

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