Five must-haves for dedicated runners this summer

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Many people choose running because it’s one of those sports that you can do with virtually no gear – a pair of shoes and an old T-shirt, and you’re good to go. But there is no doubt that there are items that can improve your performance and make your run that much more pleasurable. And there is nothing like a new gadget or piece of gear to motivate you for tomorrow morning’s 5am run. Here are some of the essentials – all available at Totalsports – that most runners agree make a big difference to their experience.

Keep warm

Yes, it’s summer. But there’s nothing more bone-chilling than when the wind picks up and you still have 5km ahead of you and you’re freezing. Not to mention the drive home (if you’re one of those who like adventurous runs away from home). These lightweight options are just the thing for summer.


A soft pink, stylish number from the Asics NEW STRONG™ range that celebrates women’s empowerment throughout the world. With a flattering, athletic fit ideal for running and a lightweight fabric. View details here.

A flattering forest green semi-fitted top in stretchy fabric that won’t restrict movement – and at a very affordable price. View details here.

This white-hot number is just enough to keep the wind at your back and prevent a post-run runny nose. View details here.


Own your run with this versatile jacket. When the summer rain sets in, if the wind starts howling, don’t worry – just run with it. View details here.

A practical, versatile, easy to pack and lightweight jacket that will keep the wind at bay, features moisture control and is quick-drying. View details here.

A hoodie for running – and everything else you’re planning to get done today. Throw it on after a run and prevent the post-run chill. View details here.

Phone and keys holder

Whatever you’re preparing for – a race or just the regular morning run – every runner has a few things they like to always have with them. These three holders are perfect for fitting small items like keys and to keep your phone safe yet within reach, should you need it to record your run.

Here are three good options to choose from.

  1. Civvio running melange: View details here.
  2. Totalsport arm holster: View details here.
  3. Civvo arm holster Black/Green View details here.

Fitness tracker

The options are endless, but some of the big brands for these include Garmin and Fitbit. Decide whether you want a wrist-based heart rate monitor (relatively new technology, but lately an expected feature with any sports watch) and whether you require GPS tracking from your watch or don’t mind using your phone for GPS. If you use your phone, you could get away with a cheaper watch, but if you want it in your watch, it’s one less thing you have to carry along. Some popular models.

FITBIT Inspire 2
For tracking of steps and heartrate, as well as some other features. Available in a range of colours. You will need your phone to use GPS. View details here.

Polar Unite
A waterproof fitness watch with wrist-based heart rate monitoring and phone-connected GPS. Good for switching between sports: it supports over 100 different sports. View details here.

Garmin Forerunner
There are several models of varying price points, but this one is a solid bet – with GPS, heart rate monitoring and much, much more. View details here.

Water bottle
For the serious runner or trail runner who need to stay hydrated over long distances. View details here.

A quality bottle at an affordable price, this one holds 700ml at a time and is dishwasher safe. View details here.

If you like the previous one but need a colour to fit your personality. View details here.


Like the running watches, there are many, many options. Get your feet properly measured, get your gait analysed and think ahead before you make the investment. Or, if you want something to just get you into running and you don’t have a lot to spend, check out the Totalsports range of shoes all below R999 here.

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