Not Losing Weight?

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These 6 tips will help you avoid extra kilos and run your best race.

Pay attention

Are you increasing your mileage but taking the lift? Eating pies and chips because you ‘deserve’ it? These behaviours offset kilojoules burned logging kays and can lead to weight gain. 

Fuel up… within reason

Of course you should eat before a long run, but chances are you probably have enough stored energy to fuel you for an easy 5-K, so skip the snack and just go for the run.

Drink fluids

Optimal hydration can improve performance and reduce hunger. Hydrate before and after a workout – and remember to sip on kilojoule-free fluids throughout the day. 

Fibre up post-run

High-fibre foods (fruits, grains, vegetables) are often low in kilojoules but filling, making them great for weight control. But they also get your digestive system going, so avoid eating too much fibre just before a run.

Choose your carbs wisely

Don’t fill up on carbs from processed grains and sweets. Instead, carbo-load with whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, which are more filling and nutrient-dense.

Cut back

A study in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society found that when people decrease their activity after intense training, they often don’t reduce their food intake, setting them up for weight gain.

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