Comrades 2019: All You Need To Know!

Make the most out of Comrades weekend! From vital race information to where you can support, to where to park; here's all you need to know about race day.

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You’ve put in your training, and now it’s the final countdown to the 2019 Comrades Marathon! We’ve compiled a go-to guide for everything you need to know about this year’s race.

It is an “UP RUN” starting at the City Hall in Durban and finishing at the Scottsville Racecourse in Pietermaritzburg. The race distance is 86.83km.

Comrades 2019 will be run on Sunday, 9 June 2019 starting at 05h30 and finishing at 17h30. The race is run from “gun to gun”.


Thursday, 6th June Expo 10:00 – 19:00
Friday, 7th June Expo 09:00 – 19:00
Saturday, 8th June Expo 09:00 – 17:00


The 2019 Comrades Marathon will start at 05h30 outside the Durban City Hall. NO spectators will be allowed at the start of the event due to limitations of crowd control and safety. The race is run from “gun to gun”. Plastic bin bags used as body warmers, will be STRICTLY prohibited and this will be enforced by security and referees. Wheelchair athletes will start at the front of the race and for the safety of all participants will be set off shortly before the main race. Wheelchair athletes are invited to contact the organisers to discuss any specific aspects concerning their participation

Click here to see the start layout.


Click here to see an interactive map of the 2019 route.

Route to Finish

For family, friends and supporters making their way into Pietermaritzburg from out on the Comrades route to meet up with their runner at the finish please use the following recommended routes so as to potentially avoid any delays into the city due to increased traffic activity and the way that the runners will be entering the city precinct.

Take the N3 towards Pietermaritzburg and then take the Alan Paton off ramp which leads into Scottsville, if that is too congested please use the Ohrtmann Road off ramp instead. Continue on either of the routes following the broken red line as indicated on the route to public parking layout map towards the parking area at Woodburn Stadium, or in Woodhouse Road. From here it’s a short walk to the Scottsville Race Course finish venue. Please note that New England Road off ramp from the N3 is closed for the entire day.

Comrades 2018
Image by Zoon Cronje


Bus transportation to the start in Durban and from the finish in Pietermaritzburg is available. Tickets must be purchased from the Bus Ticket Stand at the Comrades Expo or Comrades Marathon House during the registration period. The timetable details of when and where the buses will leave and drop runners off will be available when purchasing your tickets. The cost of single ticket is R 90.00 (one way) and a return ticket is R160.00. No tickets will be sold on race day.

comrades 2018
Image from the Comrades Facebook Page.


As soon as the back markers/last athletes of the overall race field cross over the start line timing mats, a grace period of 15 minutes will be given before the mats are removed. Once removed NO LATE STARTERS will be permitted to proceed. If you ignore this warning your race number will be recorded by the race referees and you WILL be disqualified at the finish.


Biddulphs Removals will provide a free tog bag service from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. Tog bag Stickers will be available at the Biddulphs vehicles at the start. Tog bags must be handed to the Biddulphs vehicle staff at the start area. The drop off point is indicated on the start layout map shown in the Souvenir Magazine. The tog bag area will close 15 minutes prior to the start. Please get there early.

They can be collected at the finish on presentation of your tog bag voucher. For the safety of your goods, no bags will be handed over without the voucher. Please do not leave any valuables in your bags and should your cellular phones be left in your tog bag please keep them switched off. The collection point is indicated on the finish area map in the Souvenir Magazine. Please note that whilst every effort will be made to protect your personal property, neither the CMA, Biddulphs Removals nor any of its sponsors or volunteers will accept any liability for losses or damages incurred.

NB: Biddulphs will also be at the Comrades Expo and should you wish to drop off your bag at the expo with your change of clothes, etc. you may do so. However, these tog bags can only be collected at the finish.



You should have received two Bonitas 2019 Comrades Marathon race numbers together with these instructions when registering for the race. These numbers are to be clearly displayed on the front and back of your upper body clothing. The numbers may not be defaced or modified. Should you be unable to run for any reason, you may NOT pass your race numbers on to another runner. Any transgression of the race rules is a disqualifiable offense.


Comrades 2018
Image by Zoon Cronje


You must collect your two(2) Comrades Marathon Bonitas race numbers, Mizuno runner’s t-shirt and Goodie Bag from the venue you have indicated on your entry form. Should you have placed an order for a ChampionChip with your entry form, the chip will be in your race number pack and can ONLY be collected from the registration venue you have indicated. The ChampionChip ordered with the entry form will NOT be issued before registration dates. Should you wish to use your chip for qualifying races before the Comrades Marathon, please contact ChampionChip directly. These items will not be posted to you. It is important to note the following when collecting your race number package:

All runners MUST produce their ChampionChip when collecting their race number (Athletes who ordered a new ChampionChip with their entry will receive it at Race Registration).

All runners MUST provide proof of identity to collect their race number pack e.g. ID book/card, Passport or Driver’s License along with your race entry confirmation.

NO race numbers will be issued on race day.

If you are unable to collect your race number package, a third party can collect this on your behalf providing they have a printed copy of Acknowledgement of Entry, the athlete’s ChampionChip, letter of authorisation from the entrant and a certified copy of your ID and the entrants ID. The person collecting the race number package must have identification.

Runners may not claim their registration package after registration closes. These items will not be posted to you and no refunds will be processed.

comrades 2018
Image from the Comrades Facebook Page.


Athletes must familiarise themselves with and abide by the advertising rules and regulations as per the IAAF and ASA Rulebooks. These provisions apply for the duration of the race including warming up, all race ceremonies and official press conferences. Athletes must run in their officially registered club colours. Official club colours and your 2019 Comrades race numbers must be worn throughout the race.Under no circumstances may any athlete display a political slogan be it on a flag, banner or their body.


If you do not reach the following cut-off points within the required time, you will be instructed by security and Race Officials to retire from the race. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE RUNNING.

Runners bailer buses will be available to transport you to the finish. Athletes who fail to obey the Race Officials and security will be disqualified. The cut-off points will be clearly sign posted and do not necessarily relate to the location of any timing mats or other markers along the route.



Please note that the entire field will be seeded with an alphabetical letter on your race numbers. This letter will correspond to the pens at the start. Race referees, security and marshals will be on hand to ensure that runners enter the correct seeding area. To accommodate runners who wish to run with family or friends, athletes may move into a slower seeding pen but may not move into a faster seeding pen. For example: An athlete who is in batch “B” may move down to batch “E”. An athlete who is in batch “B” may NOT move into batch“A”. Athletes found guilty of starting in a faster seeding batch may be disqualified.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! The gates to the seeding batches will close 15 minutes before the start. All late runners will have to line up in the last batch. Jumping over fences will result in the Technical Officials noting your race number for possible disqualification.

Comrades 2018
Image by Zoon Cronje


No mobile seconds of any description will be allowed on or along the route. The “STAND AND HAND” rule will apply. The Race Referees will deal with any trans-gression of this rule and the penalty will include disqualification of the athlete. A television referee will also be used to monitor transgressions and will disqualify athletes who are in contravention of these rules. Any athlete who is found to have a support vehicle traveling on the route will be liable for disqualification. This includes but is not limited to motorcars, motorcycles, bicycles or any mechanical devices. Only Official Vehicles with 2019 Route Access Stickers are permitted on the route.



There will be 43 well stocked refreshment stations situated along the route. Products available at all stations will be water sachets and Coca-Cola carbonated beverage. Some stations may also have potatoes, orange segments, bananas, chocolates and biscuits. Litter bins will be supplied on route and runners are requested to use them.

“NO LITTERING BEYOND THIS POINT” sign boards will be placed at the end of each refreshment point please abide by them. In terms of ASA rules an athlete may be warned and/or disqualified for intentional littering outside of the refreshment points.


Along the 86.83km route, Netcare 911 will provide the following:

  1. 16 ambulances equipped with satellite tracking to enable us to accurately position the vehicles and ensure optimal response times to attend to runners in difficulty.
  2. 6 rapid response vehicles with advanced life support paramedics and full emergency equipment
  3. 6 motor bikes with paramedics.
  4. 1 helicopter on standby.

If you need urgent assistance, call 082-911.


Medals will be awarded as follows (men and women):-

Gold: Position 1 to 10
Wally Hayward: Position 11 to sub 6 hrs 00 min
Silver: 6 hrs 00 min to sub 7 hrs 30 min
Bill Rowan: 7 hrs 30 min to sub 9 hrs 00 min
Robert Mtshali: 9hrs to sub 10hrs 00 min
Bronze: 9 hrs 00 min to sub 11 hrs 00 min
Vic Clapham: 11 hrs 00 min to sub 12 hrs 00 min

Comrades 2018
Image by Zoon Cronje


Back-to-Back Medals will be awarded for officially completing a consecutive down and up run. 2019 finishers who completed their first Comrades Marathon in 2018 will be awarded this medal. Your race number bib has two red stripes on either side of your Comrades Race Number. This indicates that you are eligible for the Back-to-Back medal on completion of the race.


The finish of the 2019 Comrades Marathon will be at Scottsville Racecourse, Home of the Golden Horse Casino. Please take good care of all your personal belongings. Security personnel and members of the South African Police Services will be patrolling the finish area but are unable to be everywhere at once. It is your responsibility to take care of your personal items.

Click here to see the finish layout.


Click here for all of the road closures.


05h00: SABC Live Broadcast Begins
05h15: Seeding Batches Close
05h30: 2019 Comrades Marathon Start
08h10: Cut-off at St Johns Ave Subway – Pinetown
10h00: Cut-off at Winston Park
11h00: Expected Arrival of First Male Runner
11h30: Wally Hayward Medal Cut-off at Finish
11h40: Cut-off at Drummond – Halfway
11h45: Expected Arrival of First Female Runner
13h00: Post-race Winners Conference
13h00: Isavel Roche-Kelly Medal Cut-off (Women) at Finish
13h00: Silver Medal Cut-off (Men) at Finish
13h40: Cut-off at N3 Subway – Cato Ridge
14h00: Victory Ceremony & Past Winners Jacket Handover
14h30: Bill Rowan Medal Cut-off at Finish
15h00: Cut-off at Umlaas Road Interchange
15h30: Robert Mtshali Medal Cut-off at Finish
16h30: Bronze Medal Cut-off at Finish
16h40: Cut-off at top of Polly Shortts
16h45: Toyota Win-A-Car Draw
17h30: Vic Clapham Medal Cut-off at Finish: Race Ends
17h35: Closing Ceremony

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