The Runner’s Holiday Weight-loss Plan

Don't sweat your next big feast - we can show you how to get back on track after any holiday splurge.

Sally Wadyka |

Cocktail Party

Food For Thought: Focus on Three Square Meals

For a night that never involved a meal, you managed to put away a shocking amount of calories and fat. Even worse, you probably left the party vaguely unsatisfied–and maybe even hit the kitchen before bed. As you regain control of your diet the next day, Gidus says the key is to stop grazing.

“Don’t skip meals and just snack,” she says. “You’ll fall into the same trap of overeating without realising it.” Instead, eat real meals that range from 1255 kilojoules (for breakfast) to 3760 or so (for dinner). Gidus offers a handy formula to get back on track: Fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruit, a quarter with lean protein, and the rest with whole grains.

Fitness Solution: Give your body a break

Fact: you overindulged and consumed many hundreds of calories that need to be burned off.

Fiction: After that last ill-conceived round of mojitos, you’re up for a major workout the next morning. Relax, says McMillan. It’s okay to give yourself an easy day, then hit the ground running after that. So rebound post-party with a low-key hour of something that feels kind to your body–say, walking, swimming, or yoga. Then crank up the intensity a day later.

McMillan suggests an interval workout-a three-kilometre warmup, five two-minute intervals (at a medium-hard effort) with one minute recovery jog in between, and a three-kilometre cooldown. That’s enough to kick back 2900 kilojoules.

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