Don’t Let Tummy Trouble Ruin Your Run!

Because bubble guts happen to all of us.

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At some point everyone suffers from stomach problems, but the worst is tummy trouble mid-run. Fortunately, there’s a solution: whether it’s a sharp pain that forces you to walk or the sudden need to find a portaloo, there’s an easy way to silence a bubble gut…

Smecta® – clinically proven to stop Diarrhoea

Smecta starts acting starts acting straight away to help eliminate bacteria, viruses and toxins from the body whilst helping to repair the intestinal mucosal damage caused by diarrhoea. Runners who use Smecta are guaranteed to see reduced stool output, shorter duration of diarrhoea, and a high chance to be cured of a runny tummy.

Smecta works to fight diarrhoea in three simple ways

Binds: Smecta binds to and mixes with the mucus in the gut.
Adsorbs and Absorbs: The non-fibrous crystalline structure of Smecta
confers strong adsorbent and absorbent properties.
Protects: Smecta protects against damage to the intestines.

No more surprise toilet tornados on the run!

Please see a doctor if your symptoms worsen or persist. In infants and children, oral rehydration must also be given to avoid dehydration which can be dangerous.

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