Cycling Beside Me

by Christie Meyer

My all time fav running buddie, truly, is my boyfriend, Andre Van Niekerk.

The only catch is that he doesn’t run, I do. He rides with his bicycle besides me and talks to me about everything we read in the Runners World and about running and just anything we can come up with. He not only motivates me to go run when I hit a low, he actually knows my pace and when I begin to slag during a run, he picks up speed and obviously I dont want to lose him and end up running alone, so I pick up speed as well. This technique has helped me by improving personal best times day after day and now I can run a 10km in 45minutes instead of my usual 60minutes, thanks to my partner, Andre.

The best of all is that he is more inspired to buy the runnersworld these days than me, all though I never skip a month of buying the best magazine on the market. He literally reads every article and applies the knowledge to my running and when we run he tells me about all the articles and new gadgets;shoes and clothes that the runnersworld advertises. Recently he inspired me to buy new compression socks that the runnersworld advertised in the true compression advertisement,because I began to struggle with the ultimate worse injury, compartement sindrome.

You truly have to see this to beleive all of this ultimate motivation that I probably can tell you about. Its absolutely amazing. Sometimes I wonder why I am still buying the Runners World because he is telling everything to me, but its like a drug because you still just have to read the articles yourself, try the new warm-ups, make the new athletes palate and see the rave run pictures yourself.

This is why Andre is my best motivated running partner, lover and best friend. He makes running the best and life with running worth while. You have to see this to beleive this.

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