Two Oceans Ultra Marathon Sub 6 (Bronze) Training Programme: December

Training Paces:

Recovery: 6:40-7:00 Easy: 6:20-6:40 Long Runs: 6:30-6:45 Hill Repeats: 5:20-5:30 Tempo: 5:35-5:45

Time Trials:

4km: 22:00 5km: 27:40:00 8km: 45:30:00

Start at the slower end of the training paces and move towards the faster end as you progress through the coming months of training.

Please note that if you cannot run the Time Trial times this does not mean you are doomed to failure. These are guidelines which you should aim for towards the end of your training programme.

19-Dec REST 15min easy; 10min tempo; 15min easy REST 50min easy running REST 1hr10 easy 1hr30 easy
26-Dec REST 15min easy; 15min tempo; 15min easy REST 55min easy running REST 1hr20 easy 1hr45 easy


Is this programme to difficult (or easy) for you? Try a different ultra marathon training programme here.

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9 Responses to “Two Oceans Ultra Marathon Sub 6 (Bronze) Training Programme: December”

  1. Prof BE says:

    What is the rationale behind two consecutive days of easy long running (Sat+Sun)?

    • Louis says:


      At the moment I am training according to the Two Oceans Website.

      My aim is a bronze medal. I am confused because that program is much more intense compared to this program. What one must I do?

    • Celso de Nobrega says:

      Thanks for the program. I would like to see the January and February program.

    • Tshego says:

      I have only ran two marathons in my life,two soweto marathon. I clocked 5h02min on my first one and second one was 4h45min without really following a programme. I hope your programme is gona help me a lot as i want to complete comrades one day,LOL

    • Ivan says:

      it’s probably the best way to ‘teach’ your tired legs that they can do it and to pace yourself not to go to fast. Marathon’s and ultra’s is all about time on the legs. even if you have to walk in-between

    • Menzi says:

      follow the Comrades Marathon training programme. Try to run Ultra marathon next year (Om die Dam/ Loskop/2 Ocean) or else you will fall short in the Comrades (very very tough).

    • Ryan Sanderson says:

      Hi Thanks for all the great tips!

      I have signed up for both Two Oceans and Comrades this year.
      I am quite fit and believe I have a good idea what to expect regarding these two races ,however I am a plodder and run 6.15 – 6.30 min / km and can maintain for about 30kms. My concern is that I will put myself under pressure at the end to finish before cutoff. Should I push harder during the first half of the race and leave myself more time at the end?
      The other question I have is , do you think there is enough time between Two Oceans and Comrades to recover in time?

      Thanks very much!

    • greg says:

      to run both two oceans and comrades in the same year is quite a normal thing for not elite runners, you have almost 8 weeks to recover.

      you should not worry about your pace, remember that to finish comrades you need to average only 8min/k though it is not as easy as it seems. remember to start slowly and get slower as you run. if you run at 6.45/k till halfway you would have 7 hours to finish the other half.

    • Anzi Joseph says:

      I have been injured since December 2014 – sciatica, since the being of February 2015 I have made a slow comeback of 5km’s only. Did a 12km anD intend to increase in March 2015 is two Oceans Ultra? I’m reasonably fit but did not do much long runs which I intend too. Also pain to do Comrades. Await a reply

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