Three Day Fitness Plan

You can stay in shape through the holidays by running just three days a week for six weeks.

Perform each workout on any day of the week, in any order, with a rest day between each.

Day 1: Speed Day 2: Hills Day 3: Endurance
Workout 4 x 800m 4 x 400m hill intervals 8km (or 50 minutes)
Pace First interval at 5-K race pace plus 10 seconds. Gradually increase speed until you’re running 5-K race pace in the final 800. Start at an easy effort to get a feeling for the hill. Progress until you’re ata medium-hard effort

by the final repeat.

Notes Jog 400m in between each interval. Jog down the hillfor recovery. Add an additional 1 500m every other week or so.

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