The 2012 1km Challenge

With the major races behind us and weather getting a bit chilly, it’s time to spice up and have fun with our running!

How fast can you run 1km? Think you’ve got what it takes to rank at the top of our log? Challenge your friends and head out for a 1km sprint, wherever you are.

Run 1km between 14 – 21 June, send us know your time and be added to the log!

Unfortunately, we are unable to verify all the times, so we’re putting our trust in you, our readers, to remain honest!

Send us your pictures of you and your friends before, after (and during!) the challenge and we’ll publish them on the website.

After your initial 1km run, follow this 4 week speed training programme, and re-do the 1km to see if your time has improved.

On top of having some fun, this interval and speed work training programme can do wonders for improving your longer distances, so look forward to a faster and stronger you, come spring.

The last time this challenge was issued was in 2010: check out the times here.

The Runner’s World team completed their kilometre on Thursday, 14 June 2012. 

View all the results here

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  1. Mark says:

    Pity we don’t have standard measured 1000m distances marked out anymore. Perhaps a surveyor will be willing to oblige?

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