Get CT Marathon Race-Day Ready!

You’ve done the training. Here’s everything you need to maximise your Sanlam Cape Town Marathon race. – By Pete Pfitzinger

Image from Cape Town Marathon

Image from Cape Town Marathon

Marathon preparation occurs over several months. During that time, you meticulously plan and diligently train so that you’re in peak condition for the race. To do your best, however, you also need to have a plan for the marathon itself. How much should you warm up and what should that warm-up consist of? How should you fuel? How should you handle the first few kilometres, the first half of the race, the long stretch up to 32 kilometres, and the final 10 kilometres? Let’s take a look at race-day strategies that help you get everything out of your months of preparation, so that you cross the finish line exhausted but satisfied.

The Day Before | Race Morning | Warming Up | Your Pacing Strategy | The First Half | To Group Or Not To Group | 21 To 32 Kilometres | The Final 10 Kilometres

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