Iron Strength!

The doctor is in!

Dr. Jordan D. Metzl is a New York City based sports medicine physician. An accomplished marathoner and triathlete, Dr. Metzl noticed a trend in his sports medicine practice. Runners were becoming injured more often than triathletes due to a lack of cross training and overall body strength. He created the IronStrength workout to help runners strengthen their entire bodies using only some open space, a pair of dumbbells, and a healthy dose of motivation.

This workout should be completed in one 50-minute session once or twice a week. Runners can also pull out specific sets of exercises to work on weaker parts of their bodies.

Introduction & Warm Up

  • 30 seconds of jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds of squats
  • 30 seconds of lunges.

Watch the video, here

Get Started: Plyometric Jump Squats

The key to a happy running life is a strong bum!

  • 6 sets of 15 plyometric jump squats,
  • Rest for 20 seconds rest in between sets.
  • Build up to 8 sets.

Watch this video for the perfect plyometric jump squat technique.

Super Set 1: Rows From Plank, Push Ups & Sit Ups

A super set is combination of several exercises: this super set strengthens your upper body and core.

  • 15 Rows from plank (4 – 5kg dumbells for women, 7 – 8kg for me).
  • 15 Push ups
  • 15 Sit ups
  • Repeat the combination for 5¬†minutes, building up to 6 minutes.

Super Set 2: Plyometric Lunges & Single Leg Plyometric Squats

A combinations of lower leg exercises that simulate running motion.

  • 10 Plyometric lunges
  • 10 Single leg plyometric squat (10 per leg)
  • Repeat for 5 minutes, building up to 6 minutes

Watch this video for exercise demonstrations.

Super Set 3: Mountain Climbers & Leg Downs

Mountain climbers are great for core muscle strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning. Leg Down tone and tighten your core.

  • 15 Mountain climbers (Right and left leg count as 1).
  • 15 Legs down
  • Repeat for 5 minutes, building up to 6 minutes.

Watch the video for exercise demonstrations.

Super Set 4: Deadlift High Pulls, Overhead Presses & Bicep Curls

Work your upper body with this super set:

  • 15 Deadlift high pull
  • 15 Push press, balancing on your left leg (3 – 4kg for women, 6 – 8kg for men).
  • 15 Bicep curls, balancing on your right leg¬†(3 – 4kg for women, 6 – 8kg for men).
  • Repeat for 5 minutes, building up to 6 minutes.

Watch the video below for exercise demonstrations.

Burpee Pyramid

One of the most difficult exercises you can do! Burpees are also known as squat thrusts or jail cell exercises.

Do 4 -5 sets of 10, with 20 seconds rest in between sets.

If you’re more advanced, do a descending pyramid, starting with 10 burpees, then 9, then 8, working all the way down to 1.

Watch the video for the perfect burpee technque

Planks & Stretching

Isometric strengthening exercises for core strengthening.

  • Hold a left arm plank, centre plank and right arm plank for 1 minute each.

Complete your workout with some static stretches to ease those tired muscles!

Watch the video here

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