5 Weeks To Your First 5km!

RW NEWSLETTER BANNER 01 Why is the 5-K so popular? Easy. Because with a minimum of training, just about anybody can do one. And many do: The weekly time trial is a staple at running clubs across South Africa and these runs are open to non-club members too. And of course most running events offer 5-K races so that the whole family can join in. Each year, there are over 300 5-Ks held country wide. With the emergence of popular ‘fun’ runs such as the Colour Me Crazy 5-K and Zombie Run, there are even more to choose from. Whatever your reason for targeting five kilometres – to finish fast, finish your first, or simply have a blast – this guide will help you get fit, strong, and ready for a good time.

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  1. Louise says:

    Hi there
    I would like to be able to run 5kms. I looked at the plan/guide which will enable me to run 5kms in 5 weeks. One problem though……..it starts with saying I must run for 10 mins. Now whilst this sounds like nothing to fit people or experienced runners, I cannot run for 1 minute. I have tried.And I am still trying. I can walk 5kms, but I cannot run for a 100 metres. My legs simply dont want to carry me and my knees pain and I get shin splits.
    How do I get myself to run for 10 minutes? It will be an accomplishment, please help.

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