What does the Training Pace Calculator do?

The most important thing all runners need to know about their training is: what pace should I run during my workouts?

Our Training Pace Calculator answers this basic question for you, and suggests a number of key workouts. Because the calculator is based on scientific research derived from your input, the workout paces are individualized to your own needs. In other words, they’re not impossible goal paces for Olympic champions. They’re paces that should prove quite “doable” for you.

To use the Training Pace Calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Input your time from a recent 5 or 10-K, or a time that you could reasonably complete at one of these distances in your present condition;
  2. Choose if you want to receive your training paces in minutes per mile, or minutes per kilometer;
  3. Click on the “calculate” button;
  4. Read the additional information about the training paces that are displayed.

Training Pace Calculator

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