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8 Week Half Marathon Programme

Master the half marathon in just 8 weeks!

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12 Weeks Sub-2 Half Marathon

Get across that finish line in under 2 hours!

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Walker to Runner in 10 Weeks

Kick start your running career with this easy 10 week programme.

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The Break 25 Minutes 5-K Plan

If you regularly run 12km, you can run a sub 25 minute 5km! Here’s how.

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Tone Your Trouble Spots

Feeling a bit pudgy? Tone your tummy, bum and thighs with these fat-busting workouts.

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Excess Weight Around Your Middle

Trying to lose that excess weight around your belly?

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5 Weeks To Your First (Or Best) 5-K

With the right advice, any runner can run 5km in just five weeks.

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Beginner’s 30/30 Plan

30 minutes, 30 days and you’ll call yourself a runner!

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Up Your Training

Whether your goal is to run a kilometer without stopping or to qualify for Comrades, how you train has a dramatic effect on your performance. Of course, there’s more than one way to get where you’re going, each with its merits.

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6 Weeks to Your Best 10km

Whether you’’re a beginner that wants to complete the distance for the first time or an advanced runner using it for speedwork, download one of our 10km training programmes.

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