What Does It Take To Be An Adventure Photographer

Mountaineer photographer extraordinaire, Kelvin Trautman and Ryan Sandes connect on Mont Blanc.

24 Aug 2016 / 0 comments.

How to Transition from Road Running to Trail

Trail running isn’t just for the bearded mountain goats among us – anyone can enjoy the fresh air out on the trails.

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Réunion Revealed

Ile de la Réunion hosts one of the toughest trail runs in the world. Dave Buchanan separates the resort from the running reality.

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Conquer Downhill Running Like a Pro

Good form and leg strength are key to staying healthy as you tackle descents.

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Cross-Training For Trail Runners

Stay strong and stable on uneven terrain.

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How To Get Faster At Running Trails

This fantastic workout is guaranteed to build trail speed – on and off the road.

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Run Hard On Trails and Reap The Rewards

What doesn’t trip you makes you stronger. Running on trails builds strength, improves balance, and hones your inner pace sense – not to mention your mental toughness.

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Ryan Sandes Talk For The Benefit Of Knysna Person In Need

Ryan Sandes has requested that all proceeds of a talk on his running career will be donated to a Knysna kidney patient.

25 Jun 2013 / 0 comments.

Pronutro AfricanX Trail Run Stage One Route Announced

The 2013 AfricanX will take place in a new location.

18 Dec 2012 / 0 comments.

5 Trail Shoes For Different Terrains

From mixed-terrain to long-distance stage racing, here are our 5 trail recommendations.

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