My First Soweto Marathon Experience: Heat & Hills Defeated!

A Soweto Marathon novice takes on one of South Africa’s most iconic races.

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The Good, The Bad, Those T-Shirts… What The Runners Said About Soweto Marathon

The Old Mutual Soweto Marathon was an awesome, vibey and entertainment-filled day.

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15 Awesome Instagrams From The Soweto Marathon!

A great vibe and plenty of enthusiastic runners made for an awesome day of racing.

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Soweto Marathon Smashed By SA Athlete

The 24th edition of ‘The People’s Race’ kicked off at sunrise just outside the iconic FNB Stadium.

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Soweto Marathon Race Week Build-Up

Get ready to race! Plan strategically ahead for The Soweto Marathon in the days and hours leading up to your best race ever.

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5 Elites To Watch Out For At The Soweto Marathon

The top athletes from various clubs around South Africa are preparing to compete at this year’s Old Mutual Soweto Marathon and make it into the top 10.

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Here is everything you need to know to smash your best race.

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Old Mutual Soweto Marathon Countdown

The People’s Race is almost upon us! Here’s how to tackle your final week.

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Soweto Half-Marathon: Your 2-Week Countdown

What to do in the two weeks before the Old Mutual Soweto Marathon.

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5 Ways To Savour The Soweto Marathon

With a revised route that will showcase the rich heritage of the area and a plan to put on the best marathon spectacle of 2015, the Old Mutual Soweto Marathon is set to come back bigger and better this year.

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