6 Healthy Yoghurt Indulgences

Savoury or sweet mix-ins punch up the nutritional profile of Greek yoghurt.

10 Feb 2016 / 0 comments.

6 Carbo-Loading Recipes That Don’t Involve Pasta

Think beyond pasta for your pre-run carb fix to get extra flavour and heaps of nutrients.

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9 Health Food Imposters You Should Know About

These sneaky diet downfalls deserve a bad rap for undermining your health and training.

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Spaghetti Carbonara

Sautéed onions add a note of sweetness to this classic Italian dish, while peas provide a pop of colour and nutrients.

24 Nov 2015 / 0 comments.

Baked Granola Apples

Cooked apples are topped with sugar and cinnamon, plus granola for extra carbs. If you like, add a dollop of yoghurt to the finished dish for a protein boost.

24 Nov 2015 / 0 comments.

RUN IT OFF CLUB: Jacques Human

A 5-K race revealed Virgin Active’s Jacques Human hadn’t exactly been living up to his sporty job title.

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Blueberry, Banana & PB Wrap

This unusual wrap is perfect high-energy fuel before or after an invigorating morning run.

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Keep It Down

Runners are prone to upset stomachs. Some runners throw up. The more genteel get sick. Others just heave. Here’s how to keep your pre-race meal down where it belongs. –

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21 Tips To Lose Weight: 6 Drinking Dilemmas

6 changes to make to your daily drinking habits that will see the kilograms peel off…effortlessly!

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Eat & Drink Away Stress

Deadlines looming? Here are a few snacking tips to get over the hump.

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