Win the Winter Weight War!

Winter is in full swing! Here’s what to eat on cold winter afternoons and win the winter weight-loss battle.

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10 Ways To Kick-Start Your Breakfast

Tasty breakfast ideas to fuel your training and set you up for the day.

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6 Tips for Fuelling Before and During a Race

These simple eating and drinking guidelines apply to every runner!

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5 Health Foods That Are Actually Bad for You

Don’t let their packaging fool you—these five unhealthy ‘health foods’ are better off left on the shelves. BY KIM MCDEVITT   Appearances Deceive Not all of you may be on a quest to lose weight, but most of you probably want to “eat better.” Eating better could mean any number of things, but my hope […]

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Natural Pain Relief

These four ingredients in your cupboard will aid in easing away muscle inflammation and soreness.

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6 Healthy Yoghurt Indulgences

Savoury or sweet mix-ins punch up the nutritional profile of Greek yoghurt.

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6 Carbo-Loading Recipes That Don’t Involve Pasta

Think beyond pasta for your pre-run carb fix to get extra flavour and heaps of nutrients.

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7 Best Foods For Runners

Foods that deliver crucial nutrients for runners.

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9 Health Food Imposters You Should Know About

These sneaky diet downfalls deserve a bad rap for undermining your health and training.

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Spaghetti Carbonara

Sautéed onions add a note of sweetness to this classic Italian dish, while peas provide a pop of colour and nutrients.

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