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Running Without Shoes – Well Almost

In search of less sole, Helen Walne tries a shoe that brings the feeling back to running… almost!

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The Transition To Barefoot Running

Sports therapist Benita de Witt gives advice on barefoot running.

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Running Shoe Review: Newton Gravitas

The minimalist movement in running has spawned a few new brands taking advantage of the huge interest in ‘barefoot’ running.

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Minimal Shoe Review: Terra Plana’s Evo II

For many runners interested in the merits of running freely, the ideal shoe is no shoe.

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Nike Free+ 2

Shoe Review: Nike Free+ 2

Nike’s latest answer to minimalist running: the Free+ 2

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The Minimalist Test

It’s coming along. ‘Along’ in this case means along a grassy section of promenade in the Vibram 5 Fingers, up a steep as can be mountain ascent with the Nike Zoom Waffle 7’s, cruising a fast flat stretch of road in the Nike Zoom Streak 3, becoming a human Guinea Pig at the Sports Science […]

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Sports Science Tests

Guinea Pigging at Sports Science

I was asked to pop along to the Sports Science Institute to have some ‘stuff done to me’. Ok so I am always curious to see what these lab dudes are up to and know they have some incredible toys to play with, so I agreed to head out to get involved in the testing on Friday afternoon.

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Ryan Scott

Session 3 and 4 with the Five Fingers

It’s been two since my last confession. Confessions of minimalist running that is and I have some secrets to share.

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