Howling Run

A midnight full moon run delivered a unique experience for our RW Editor.

21 Jan 2011 / 0 comments.

Power Balance: The Defence

Scientists may say that they are all a con, but how come so many people believe in the Power Balance bracelet

19 Jan 2011 / 0 comments.

To Pop Or Not?

RW Ed Mike Finch took part in the Totalsports Challenge this weekend… and destroyed his toes in the process.

10 Jan 2011 / 0 comments.

Yoga For Sissies

Runner’s World editor gets a little stretched out with a former cover model.

16 Sep 2010 / 0 comments.

Soweto Marathon: On or Off?

So is the Soweto Marathon on or off? Herewith a transcript of a conversation with the Athletics South Africa (ASA) head office in Johannesburg this morning regarding the confirmed date of South Africa’s biggest standard distance marathon:

29 Jul 2010 / 1 comment.

Caster: Can she win again?

Runner’s World editor Mike Finch suggests that a Caster comeback is unlikely.

8 Jul 2010 / 0 comments.

The Best Way To Run Faster

If there is one lesson that amateur runners can learn from the world’s best is the speed at which we turn our legs over during running. Here’s why running cadence could be the single best way to improve your running.

17 Jun 2010 / 0 comments.

What was the best running moment of the year?

Our Eds list their highlights and lowlights for 2009, and look to the future of running in 2010.

21 Dec 2009 / 0 comments.