Transitioning From The Half To Full Marathon

The training isn’t all that different – it’s just longer and more time-consuming.

22 Mar 2017 / 1 comment.

Increase Your Mileage, Not Your Weight

Fuel your marathon training without sabotaging your waistline.

20 Mar 2017 / 0 comments.

Beat the Post-Marathon Blues!

It’s easy to go from elation at the finish line to feeling flat days later.

22 Feb 2017 / 0 comments.

5 Essential Marathon Training Survival Tips

When the mileage cranks up, here’s how to keep yourself running strong.

22 Nov 2016 / 0 comments.

Two Oceans Half Marathon: Experienced Training Programme April

Get your April training programme for the 2017 Two Oceans Half Marathon.

20 Nov 2016 / 1 comment.

Smash Your First Marathon!

Self-sabotage is probably the biggest weapon of mass destruction when it comes to marathon newbies.

16 Nov 2016 / 0 comments.

What Should I Do Between Marathon Trainings?

Just finished a marathon, and have a while before your next one? Now is the time to mix things up.

8 Nov 2016 / 0 comments.

96-Year-Old Finishes NYC Marathon

Jonathan Mendes is believed to be the oldest unofficial finisher in the New York City Marathon’s history, crossing the finish line after 11 hours and 23 minutes.

8 Nov 2016 / 0 comments.

Top Marathon Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re running a marathon this year, it’s important to keep a few essential tips in mind in order to cross the finish line.

9 Sep 2016 / 0 comments.

Van Zyl Aims For Top Ten In Olympics Marathon

Van Zyl has only been beaten twice this season and on both occasions, she lost against international athletes.

12 Aug 2016 / 0 comments.