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Combat The Fat: Part 1

Ten tricks to lose weight for good.

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Combat The Fat: Part 2

Ten tricks to lose weight for good. (Part 2)

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The Myth: Weight Lifting Will Bulk You Up

Many runners blow off weights for cardio— bigger kilojoule burner. They’re also afraid of getting bulky while trying to slim down. The truth is you will get leaner if you start lifting weights.

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Guilt-Free Comfort Food: Classic Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Trim the fat and calories from this hearty, home classic, the chocolate chip chookie.

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Diet Mythbuster: Low Fat Foods Are A Healthy Choice

Be wary of products claiming to be “low fat” or “fat free”. You could be putting on weight!

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potato chip

A Healthier Alternative To Chips?

RW Reader Bernhardt Nicklaus wants a healthier alternative to chips. Here’s our answer…

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Pizza with Asparagus

Refuel with this healthy, easy-to-make version of every runner’s favourite: pizza.

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Blend It!

Nutritious, flavourful ingredients lift the post-run smoothie to healthier heights.

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Low-Fat Dips

Everyone loves a good dip. But did you know that often these party-favourites are hiding loads of extra calories? Try these healthier, home-made options…

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Grilled Salmon with Lentil Tabouli

Lentils cook as quickly as rice, says culinary nutritionist Stefanie Bryn Sacks. (who created this recipe), and are loaded with filling fiber.

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