How To Tame Chronic Inflammation

Harness physical (and mental) stress to make you stronger, rather than putting your body in a state of chronic disrepair.

12 Dec 2016 / 0 comments.

10 Ways To Stay On Top Of Injury

A complete roadmap to keep you on the road and off the physio’s table.

31 Oct 2016 / 0 comments.

7 Ways To Fix Your Post-Run Recovery

If your body is dragging, consider making these changes to your process.

10 Oct 2016 / 0 comments.

The 10 Laws of Injury Prevention

Follow these time-tested principles and you’ll spend more time on the roads and less in rehab.

23 Oct 2015 / 0 comments.

Injury Prevention Law #10: Get Shoes That Fit

In the minefield of running shoes, always make sure that your shoes fit and that they function best on your feet.

11 Feb 2013 / 2 comments.

Prevent Cramping, Naturally

In summer when I run, I sweat a lot and get cramps if I don’t sip on an energy drink with electrolytes. But I find these drinks artificial. Is there anything more natural that I can use?

9 Jan 2013 / 1 comment.

Stay On Course

Expert advice on avoiding injuries during peak training.

10 Nov 2012 / 0 comments.

Cure Runner’s Knee

Prevent (and treat) that knee niggle… for good!

22 Jul 2012 / 3 comments.

Injury Prevention Law #7: Don’t Race Or Do Speedwork Too Often

Researchers have found a correlation between injuries and frequent race efforts.

14 Feb 2012 / 0 comments.

Injury Prevention Law #1: Know Your Limits

It’s easy to get injured; anyone can do it. Just run too much. “I firmly believe that every runner has an injury threshold,” says physical therapist and biomechanist Irene Davis, Ph.D., from the University of Delaware’s Running Injury Clinic.

14 Feb 2012 / 0 comments.