7 Mistakes Every Runner Makes When Stretching

Here’s what physical therapists wish you wouldn’t keep doing.

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Will Running Ruin Your Knees?

Many knee problems in runners are the result of things going on elsewhere in the body.

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7 Ways To Fix Your Post-Run Recovery

If your body is dragging, consider making these changes to your process.

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Injury: When To Run, When To Stop

What’s the difference between a routine twinge and a potentially disastrous injury?

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6 Reasons Your Doctor Needs to Know You’re a Runner

To get the best treatment and to keep training well, your doctor should be informed about your daily mileage.

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How To Tame Chronic Inflammation

Harness physical (and mental) stress to make you stronger, rather than putting your body in a state of chronic disrepair.

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10 Ways To Stay On Top Of Injury

A complete roadmap to keep you on the road and off the physio’s table.

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The 10 Laws of Injury Prevention

Follow these time-tested principles and you’ll spend more time on the roads and less in rehab.

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Injury Prevention Law #10: Get Shoes That Fit

In the minefield of running shoes, always make sure that your shoes fit and that they function best on your feet.

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Prevent Cramping, Naturally

In summer when I run, I sweat a lot and get cramps if I don’t sip on an energy drink with electrolytes. But I find these drinks artificial. Is there anything more natural that I can use?

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