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Why Run?

More scientific proof that running keeps you healthy.

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Eat & Drink Away Stress

Deadlines looming? Here are a few snacking tips to get over the hump.

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Squash Winter Away

An old favourite for winter … and great for runners!

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Natural Pain Relief

Tender legs today? Eat away that muscle inflammation and soreness.

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Supplements: How, What & When

Whole foods are best, but certain supplements boost your diet and running.

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Tape Measure

Weight-loss Starts Here!

10 strategies to ensure a thinner you

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Conquer the SA Diet

No matter how much you may think you deserve a fat, juicy roll after a run, there are much healthier alternatives that taste just as good but won’t put the kilograms on that you worked so hard to lose. – By Karen Protheroe

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Pass The Salt

We often hear that too much salt is bad for us, that it will cause blood pressure problems, but getting too little is even worse for your running. Read on if you want to know how much salt you as a runner should ingest. Now pass the salt! – By Julie Cederborg

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Healthy sandwich recipe

The Ultimate Sarmie

A healthy sandwich can supply a runner with all the right nutrients for exercise.

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Summer showdown: Sunblock vs Vitamin D

Wearing sunscreen may cause you to become vitamin deficient… but not wearing it may result in cancer. What to do?

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