Natural Pain Relief

These four ingredients in your cupboard will aid in easing away muscle inflammation and soreness.

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The Healthy Runner’s Diet

Follow these six rules for a healthy, whole-foods eating plan designed just for a runner like you.

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Spice Up Your Running

Runners tend to thrive on routine. Which is generally good, since success in running depends on consistency, but you don’t want your routine to turn into a rut.

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13 Ways To Ruin Your Comrades

Beware! We’ve witnessed many motivated and fit runners ruin their race day – despite all the training – because of simple (and often avoidable) mistakes

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The Up Side Of Hills

Nothing builds running strength better than hills.

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The 7 Most Common Routes to Injury

7 tSeven tips on how to avoid injuries in running.

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Don’t Burn Out: Avoid Overtraining

Avoid common overtraining traps by paying attention to your body’s warning signs.

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Suspension of 2015 Comrades Athletes

The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has announced that two Top 10 finishers in the 2015 Comrades Marathon Men’s Race have been suspended. CMA Race Director, Rowyn James has advised that Joseph Mphuthi and Sandile Ngunuza who claimed the 6th and 9th positions respectively at last year’s Comrades Marathon have been suspended by the national drug […]

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Comrades Marathon Substitution Process Is Open

The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has announced that its official 2016 Comrades Marathon Substitution Process is open as of Friday morning (1 April 2016).

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Comrades is over! Now what?

My very first Comrades Marathon is officially over. While there’s plenty of advice about what you should be doing on the lead up to the ultimate human race, what am I supposed to do with myself, now that it’s all over? With this new found freedom comes a strange sense of emptiness. I don’t want […]

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