Running Without Shoes – Well Almost

In search of less sole, Helen Walne tries a shoe that brings the feeling back to running… almost!

26 Jun 2012 / 3 comments.

4 Rules Of Minimalist Running

Ease into barefoot running with caution: follow these golden rules.

14 Dec 2011 / 0 comments.

Strengthen Your Feet

Get the benefits of barefoot running without pounding the tar.

12 Sep 2011 / 3 comments.

Terra Plana VIVOBAREFOOT Running Shoe Review

Minimalist running hits the trails as Runner’s World gear editor Ryan Scott takes the Terra Plana Vivo for a spin up Table Mountain.

18 Jul 2011 / 3 comments.

Pink is the new black with New Balance

Our manly gear ed tries out a very pink pair of New Balance minimalist shoes.

19 Apr 2011 / 2 comments.

Five Finger Project – GO!

As the Gear Guy for Runner’s World I have tested out the Vibram Five Fingers a couple of times and always enjoyed the product more than I expected. I test a lot of shoes and gear though and have never actually done a long term test with the five fingers.

7 Jan 2011 / 0 comments.

Nike Concept –Shoe Stickers

Nike kicks the barefoot running phenomenon up a notch with… stickers?

22 Dec 2010 / 2 comments.

Caballo Blanco. Yes. THE Caballo Blanco.

If you’ve read Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run you can imagine how amazing it would be to meet THE Caballo Blanco.

30 Apr 2010 / 2 comments.