How To Get Your Mileage To The Double Digits

Work your way up to 10 kays and beyond – the smart way.

26 Sep 2017 / 0 comments.

Sanlam Cape Town Marathon: All You Need To Know

Here’s all you need to know about this weekend’s Cape Town Marathon (and all the other events).

15 Sep 2017 / 1 comment.

Smash Your Best 5, 10, 21-K!

These expert tips will help you reach your goals.

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Video: South Africa’s First All-Women Running Group

Imagine a running club where no-one cares about what you wear, your size, or the pace at which you run.

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Think you’re ready to master a 10km? Follow these tips and make it happen!

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Pace Yourself

New to the 10-K, or haven’t run one in a while? Use this chart to estimate how fast you can expect to finish based on a recent 5-K or 21.1.

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6 Weeks to 10km: Advanced Training Programme

More 6 weeks to 10km Training Programmes

20 Jan 2015 / 5 comments.