4 Apps to track your runs – and keep you motivated!

Endomondo-Endomondo was one of the first fitness tracking apps to gain a large following and continues to evolve, providing details on distance, speed, kilojoules, graphs and mapped routes, just like the other apps reviewed here.

Something a little different is the option to send pep talks to your friends in real time. You’ll see a newsfeed of their activity, and can then write a message that is played aloud to them a few seconds later. The user interface works really well on the smartphone, and testers were especially surprised at how simple it was to create an interval training session. The website is not as user-friendly or well designed as the app interface on the phone.

Best for: Sharing workout comments with friends.


MapMyRun is another free app that has similar capabilities to RunKeeper, just with an easier user interface and a great Twitter and Facebook option, which our testers liked for challenging others or showing off the latest routes they had run. A great feature is the option of over 26 million routes to choose from, which comes in handy for travellers looking for some direction when in a new city. The website is set up to encourage you to find new routes and to share your runs too, rather than just recording your run details.

Best for: Route explorers.


When you are bleary-eyed and barely ready to run, the simple design of Strava will not get you flustered and frustrated before the run has even begun.

Strava is relatively new to our testers, but it was clear that it got them excited. The personal, manual uploads of challenging sections within your running route and the automatic ranking

system of other users that have run over the same sections is great fun.

Strava is massively motivating, and although currently it has a large following among cyclists, it’s just a matter of time before runners cotton on to its benefits.

Best for: Those needing more motivation.


RunKeeper is not the best design to look at, but it’s been around for many years as a running app and functions more than adequately, with some excellent specifics that make it a little different too. The main difference is the amount of data you are able to collect and the app shows how it’s all related.

It’s not just about the run – fitness levels, weight-loss and sleeping patterns can all be observed together. It’s more information than some might want, but it also gives the basics; and we especially enjoyed the easy change of screen orientation – incredibly handy when strapping a phone upside down to your arm.

Best for: Collecting as much information as you can.

Don’t have a smart phone and want to plot your run? Visit the Runner’s World Route Mapping tool: click here.

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9 Responses to “App-titude”

  1. Nathan says:

    What about the nikerun running app?? Been using it for a while and its pretty good.

  2. Megan says:

    The Runtastic app is good too..

  3. Jackson says:

    Nike Run app is great for iOS and Samsung Galaxy s3.
    If you’re on Blackberry, Adidas miCoach is the best out there.

  4. Michael says:

    Disappointed that Adidas Micoach isn’t here. I use that religiously.

    it’s an excellent app.

  5. Mark says:

    I use the Nike+ Running app and the online site! Great for tracking my runs and staying motivated with the trophies and NikeFuel.. Love it!

  6. Chris says:

    Strava. Best for tracking and the social interaction is best for motivating, challenging and meeting other runners in your area and around the world. Micoach seems good for coaching and it’s free. Nike Plus is pretty but too closed and lacking in some very key analysis features and the social side is also too closed and lacks info. Like if you connect with friends on nike you want to see each others’ runs and when they ran so you can challenge and motivate each other but all you get are their last 3 or so runs and what time of day they ran, maybe yesterday, maybe last year. Runkeeper and Endomondo are both good with decent social integration but I like Strava best because it gives me what I want. Running is a social sport so if you’ve only used Nike Plus, try Strava or one of the others with good social network integration and see how much more fun it is when you interact with other people.

  7. Charlene says:

    Pity Smashrun hasnt made an app! I love this site and use it via Nike+ software

  8. Raj Patel says:

    I use the nike+ since I started to run. .It’s a great app.

  9. Antoinette says:

    I used an app from called running for weight loss for iphone which records the distance run, the time, your pace and calories burned, it is linked to fitbit and other apps and has GPS capabilitiy. i have never been a runner and this app got me running a 5k comfortably within 8 weeks. They talk you through and motivate you with tips and advice.

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