5 Eating Mistakes


Eating too close to a run

Fifteen minutes after eating, insulin levels rise, leaving you feeling sluggish. So eat one and a half to two hours before a run.

The exception? Your body doesn’t release insulin mid-exercise. A snack just before a run will keep you energised.

Making energy bars a meal

High in sugar, energy bars are perfect on long runs but not ideal for weight loss. They won’t keep you full for long, making it likely you’ll overeat at your next meal.

Not fuelling up mid-run

You have 90 minutes of carbs in your system. Run longer without mid-run fuel and you’ll bonk, which won’t help you lose weight.

Consume 30 to 60 grams of carbs (try a sports drink or dried fruit) for every hour you exercise to keep energy high.

Overeating post-workout

Runners know they need recovery fuel after a workout, but they often overestimate how many kilojoules they burn, which leads to overeating. If you do an easy workout that’s 45 minutes or less. 420kJ is sufficient for recovery.

Overdoing sports drinks

Sports drinks are high in kilojoules and meant to provide fuel for running an hour or longer, or if you’re working out at a high intensity for at least 45 minutes.

Otherwise water or a low-kilojoule sports drink is your best option.

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