Good For You: Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seedsGood For You

A half cup serving of unshelled seeds (the shells are also edible) contains about 650kJ, 8g of protein and 13g of fat (most of which is the heart-healthy kind).

They’re also rich in minerals including manganese, magnesium and phosphorus.

Get The Best

Pumpkin seeds are available at most supermarkets (think Fruit ‘n Veg, PnP, Woolies).

If you’re cooking fresh pumpkin (or butternut), scoop out and save the seeds to toast.

Even when toasted, the seeds can go rancid quickly, so keep in an airtight container for up to two weeks – or freeze for six months.

Kitchen Simple

Flavour seeds with soy sauce. Ina bowl, combine two cups of fresh, rinsed seeds and two tablespoons soy sauce.

Spread on a shallow baking sheet and bake at 200’C, shaking occasionally until seeds turn toasty brown (about 10 minutes).

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