Food Fight! Wheat Bread vs. Rye Bread?

As a health-savvy runner, you try to toss nutrient-packed foods into your shopping basket. But when you’re deciding between similar-seeming nutritious items, you may not know the superior choice.

So we’re here to give you the facts…

Wheat Bread vs. Rye Bread

According to a study in the Nutrition Journal, researchers in Sweden found that participants who ate rye bread for breakfast experience less hunger later in the day compared with those who ate wheat bread.

Rye’s ability to quell hunger may be due to it’s high fibre count. Rye can have up to eight grams of fibre per slice – even more than whole wheat.

Healthy Choice

Rye bread often contains some refined wheat flour, so to get the most fibre, buy “100% rye” loaves or make sure whole rye flour is the first ingredient.

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