Food Fight! Strawberries vs. Blueberries

As a health-savvy runner, you try to toss nutrient-packed foods into your shopping basket. But when you’re deciding between similar-seeming nutritious items, you may not know the superior choice.

So we’re here to give you the facts… if you can bare to pick between the two!

Strawberries vs. Blueberries

Both are health all-stars, but a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that blueberries showed the most antioxidant activity of all the fruits tested.

These antioxidants help keep your immune system strong, and reduce muscle damage from running and strength training.

Mix blueberries into lean beef mince for burgers. The lack of fat in the meat tends to make the patties dry. Adding these juicy little fruit will help keep the meat moist.

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