Running Mantras

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  • “This feels great, getting skinny, getting skinny!” Megan Wentzinger
  • “You have cellulite on your bum!” Barbara Becker Muller
  • “I think I can I think I can I think I can….” To the top of the hill – the little steam engine that could! – or when I’m really losing it: “I’m a little teapot short and stout, this is my handle this is my spout!!!” Marilyn Zimmermann
  • “Pain is just weakness leaving your body” Will van Zyl
  • “Winners never quit and quiters never win!” Gerda Ganter
  • “I have many… Dependant on the race and my thought processes: 1. “This too will end”…. 2. “Race completion = shopping spree of self indulgence” 3. While switching views on my Garmin Forerunner and do a quick calorie check, my mantra is usually ” Cocktail time after this” 4. “Do this one for my hubby” :) Jen Skordis
  • When I’m struggling during a race, I repeat portions of a pre-game speech made by a US high school football coach to keep me going: “I have trained my mind and now my body will follow. My heart and my soul will be the fuel to carry my body when my limbs are too weary. Surrender is not a champion’s word. WHO AM I? I AM A CHAMPION!!!” (Coach Flowers, Leland High School) Thian de Beer
  • “Hills, you are my friends…plus lots of swearwords” and “Just do it, just do it, just do it….” Christine Barrow
  • “Looking good, feeling good, ought to be in Hollywood!” Conrad Walters
  • “Keep moving forward and feel your body working like a machine, YEAH BABY!!!” Heidi McLachlan
  • “Just run to that tree, then you can walk …” Samantha Laing
  • My running mantra is “Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time” (and when the track comes on my iPod, I do what my friends call my “Billy Elliot” impression!), Zara Bromfield
  • “What goes up must come down!” Vicky van der Walt
  • “Push The Limits” Freddie van Heerden
  • “I get into a rhythm with telling myself, “Take one more step.” It helps me to remember that I can only concentrate on the step I am busy taking. I cannot let myself think about the full distance from the place I’m at; I need to take this step before I can move onto the next one. It is also an instruction to myself to take one more step than I think my body is capable of, to take one more step than I did on my last run. And the best part is that by the time I’ve finished saying it, I’m four steps further than I was.” Jessica Bailey
  • I say the following words, over the course of 16 strides, over and over again, when I am taking strain. (stride 1 and 2) Just put (stride 3 and 4) one – (stride 5 and 6) step in (stride 7 and 8) front – (stride 9 and 10) of the (stride 11, 12, 13 and 14) o— (stride 15 and 16) ther – (stride 1 and 2) Just put (stride 3 and 4) one – (stride 5 and 6) step in (stride 7 and 8) front – (stride 9 and 10) of the (stride 11, 12, 13 and 14) o— (stride 15 and 16) ther – It really helps me to get into a zone when I’m struggling! Kari Longman
  • “Keep moving.” Naresh Nana
  • “Just get to the beer….” Greg McDavid
  • “Come to mama you ice cold coke at the finish!” Wilma Riekert
  • “It is painful to be beautiful, but one stride at a time I am doing something for myself, getting fitter and healthier. One of these days I’ll again fit into all my old clothes and be a super lean, mean, healthy mom.” Vasti Wolmarans
  • “I can and I will beat that guy in front of me…” Anton Heunis
  • “When my legs get tired I run with my heart” Madeleine Grobler
  • “Not far to go and there will be a medal, joy and a lifetime of memories fail and there will be disappointment!” Ray Mizon
  • Ek moet, ek kan, ek sal!” Heney Malan
  • “Be strong, embrace the power” Solomon Bosaaletse
  • “Sweat is weakness leaving the body Witness the fitness For Comrades novices: Keep on running until the sun sets. Just keep going, just keep going Men, today we die a little It’s at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys.” Albert Williams
  • “Keep going!” Celso de Nobrego
  • “My running mantra consists of numbers – I count, sometimes into the hundreds, and always try and see how far I can get before I lose track of where I was..the counting is in sync with my foot fall. i will start counting and at some stage realize that im thinking of other things, and then start again, but i never get to whatever number I aim at, eg. 360.. an endless game that keeps your mind of the suffering!” Mari-Nel Goussard
  • “You are not done yet!” Renier Esterhuizen
  • 1. Solve complex maths problems in my head: Why…Its highly distracting and keeps my mind fully focused on something other than pain, well, for a few minutes anyway. I guarantee you that you’ll be at the top of the hill before you can work out the square root of 73. 2. Sing a song in my head that I know all the lyrics too: Why…If I know all the lyrics chances are I’ll sing the song through in full. And the five minutes it takes to sing a song is more than enough time to distract you to the top of the hill. We love singing in the shower…why no on the road.” Warren Prior
  • This is my husband’s fault, I will show him! Evette Joubert
  • If that person can do this, then I definitely can! Charlotte Young
  • Here comes my perky tight gluteus maximus – gotta keep moving otherwise its going South, faster than an avalanche!! Sandy
  • “Just over the hill around the corner a nother hill a nother corner and allmost there.” Alwyn Daniels
  • “If other’s can ride the Absa Cape Epic over 8 days, I can finish this running race!” Natalise Little
  • “God, please take my hand!” Gerda Wiese
  • “[Nthabi] you’ve covered a very long distance already, you might as well finish”. and “[God] I am grateful that I am able to use both my legs to do what I love most”. Nthabiseng Mohlakoana
  • “How much do you want it?” And that helps me get my sorry ass out of bed in the first place. Then when I am feeling tired or like I can’t anymore, I ask myself, “how much do you want it?” How much do I want to be fit How much do I want a great bum How much do I want to be healthy How much do I want to not have cellulite on my thighs How much do I want to run that extra K and feel the endorphins rush in! Coral Lindeque
  • Ek wil & ek kan my beste gee – vir Oupie. I’m enterying on behalf of my boy Janco – now 8 years, turning 9 on 10 September. His grandfather (he calls him Oupie) is also a x-country & duathlon & cyclist. Oupie is his role model & the sentence above is what he repeats to himself, because he always want’s to do his best for his grandfather. Rene Coetzee
  • “Marching on or you will die” Stephen Fitz-Patrick
  • Getting better with every step! Dean
  • “From the heel to the toe, let it flow” Pierre Smal
  • “Tshintsha Guluva Mus’ Ukulala”, rough translation “skelem, change and catch ya wake up”. I won’t lie and say what it represents and what the connection is with running but every time I run it just manages to play around my head. Mandla Mhlutwa
  • “Against All Odds” – aKing song (playing at the garage at the top of the hill, Tough One ’09 – worked for me ever since! Gail Elliot-Wilson
  • “Pain is fear leaving the body” Lyn Millard
  • “Thank you Lord for my health and being able to appreciate your beauty.” Alistair Kannemeyer.
  • “This is my drug, this is how I get high” Andrew Slaughter
  • “Ampe da, ampe da” (almost there!) Leatitia du Toit
  • “You can do it” Manjula Mangalmurti

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  • “Slowly slowly catch a monkey.” Ruthie Gray
  • ‘Little hill, I spit on you….pfffft’. @42_2kms
  • “Run light, be brave” @TheBadJogger


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  • “I can do this!” Carol Ward,
  • ”Yes Jesus” over and over especially just before I start a hill and up the hill. Lindelwa Wright-Hlongwane
  • “Shut up and run!” Dave Shepherd
  • “Nothing can stop me now” and “I don’t get this far to stop now” Tumelo Sebelebele

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    “You have cellulite on your bum!” Barbara Becker Muller

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