Prevent Cramping, Naturally

In summer when I run, I sweat a lot and get cramps if I don’t sip on an energy drink with electrolytes. But I find these drinks artificial. Is there anything more natural that I can use?

When running in summer, sweating can be a problem. Your body loses precious minerals that are important in preventing cramping.

It is well known that with any form of dehydration, taking electrolytes is important.

I prefer to use Himalayan Crystal Salt (available at health stores such as the Wellness Warehouse).

This is a natural salt that formed millions of years ago and has a unique balance of essential minerals.

Normal salt is only sodium and chloride, and can cause health problems like water retention and high blood pressure.

Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt contains all the trace minerals in balanced proportions including: sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper and lithium.

Because minerals work together they help to balance electrolytes and prevent cramping.

Make a sole’ solution (dissolve two to three tablespoons of salt in 500ml water). Take a few teaspoons of this solution, add it to a cup of water and take it first thing in the morning (ed’s note: squeeze a lemon in for a dose of vitamin C… it’s a tough swallow but seriously refreshing, and oh-so natural!),

Alternatively, instead of using energy drinks, make your own drink using fresh fruit juice with water, two teaspoons of the sole’ solution (or half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt).

This helps balance pH and prevent cramping and dehydration.

The sole’ solution can be used in the bath after a hard run to soak away muscle tension.

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  1. Shiloh says:

    Have you considered using transdermal magnesium to help prevent and treat your cramps? Magnesium is an essential mineral for muscle relaxation and gets depleted during exercise. Unlike oral magnesium, which has to be digested first, it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream and can also be applied directly to areas of pain and inflammation.

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