Knees Hurt?

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is often confused with Runner’s Knee. Knowing the difference will ensure that you treat the right injury properly.

Location, location, location

ITBS: You feel pain on the outside of your knee.
Runner’s Knee: You feel stiffness over the front and inside of your kneecap.

Timing is everything

ITBS: Your knee hurts during long runs but goes away afterwards.
Runner’s Knee: It hurts at the beginning of a run, but it fades once you warm up.

Up or down

ITBS: The pain tends to be worse when going down stairs or hills.
Runner’s Knee: Becomes more painful when climbing stairs or hills.

Bend it

ITBS: Deep knee bends aren’t painful
Runner’s Knee: Deep knee bends hurt.

So, which injury has struck you down?

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3 Responses to “Knees Hurt?”

  1. Robyn says:

    Is it possible to have runners knee and itbs at the same time? I have pain on the outside of my right knee that has persosted for almost a week now yet it hurts both knees to climb stairs and deep squat

    • Stephen Caelers says:

      I have a pain in my right knee on the outside. It mainly comes when I’m running uphill, but does also occur at other times of my run. It will come and go though so not persistent. Its almost like a burning pain same as when your legs are so tired that they burning except this isn’t as drastic. Friends have told me its not itb, itb is to sore to run with, this is manageable, but its not runners knee cause its on the outside of my knee. Please help! Confused!!!

    • Arisa Voges says:

      I also have pain both on the outside of the knee- running up quite high – and within the knee. I feel it most when I lie flat on my bed – I then sometimes feel it into the hip. It does not bother me when I am walking. The pain was bad after my last Dangerpoint half marathon ( not while I was running) but got worse when I sat down at a table whilst holding a friend’s baby on my hip a few days later. I felt the knee “give way” and it has been very sore since. I have now stopped running for a while. Any advice anybody?

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