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Meiringspoort 18.8km Trail Run

Description of the route:
We start the run next to the cattle handling facility along Interstate 5. That is only one of the interesting features of this farm where the owner named his roads after the American Highways. The start is at 490m above sea level and ends at 473m in De Rust. The highest point of the race is at 800 m above sea level. Over the first 1,3km, you climb 180m. Keep your eyes open for occasional Klipspringer.

After 1.3km, you pass through the stone gate. You would probably now see Eland (there is also a small calf) grazing with the cattle. You will soon be on the 101 Freeway. At 2 km you’ll pass Mrs. Jamneck’s grave. Be assured that if you see pink flowers on her grave in full bloom, you’ll see rain within 2 or 3 days. On your right hand side, is the house in which Mrs. Jamneck raised her 12 children in the 1800’s.

At 2.2km, you enter a canyon that runs alongside a dam, where you should keep a lookout for the resident Hoop-Hoop. A quick dip would be ok if it was summer. You then run downhill to the 2.4km lookout. Here you can catch a glimpse of the N12 winding through Meiringspoort far far below. From here you have a climb of 160 meters to the highest point of the run at 6.1km (at 800m above sea level) from where you will have majestic views of the Kammanassie and Outeniqua mountains in the distance.

From here you run downhill on Interstate 10 to Interstate 5 over “Twee Bekke se nek” into the “Raadsaal se Kloof” to the 9 km mark at 610 meters. This is where you start running along the Huis River. You might be tempted to taste the sweet water from the river. There is a small waterfall at 9,4km. Beautiful!

At 12,9km you pass the old historic watermill where they still ground flour from wheat during the Second World War. The water wheel is still there. Voëlgesang Guest House is on your left and shortly after that, you cross the N12 – the only time you’ll touch tar.

Certainly a race for the adventurous and nature lovers! If you rather feel to leave the route to the fit and healthy, it could just be better to join us at the finish and cheer the runners across the line.

Energy drinks will be available at the finish.

Prize giving will be at 11:30 at Church Hall, De Rust. Lucky draw prizes will be forfeited if the athlete is not present. No chip, no result.

Starting time: 19.5km & 9.5km: 7:30am.

Pre-entries, available on www.meiringspoorttrailrun.co.za. Entries are limited to 300. If available, you can do a late entry on race morning, at registration, from 6 – 7am (only cash for late entries). We recommend checking with the race organisers though, before attempting a late entry.

Date Event Type Area
28 May 2016 Trail Western Cape
Distance Venue Cost
16-20km, Other Distances NG Church Grounds - De Rust 19.5km: R160 (R200 late entry); 9.5km: R110 (R150 late entry)
Contact Details
Pieter | 082 377 0547 | meiringspoortchallenge@gmail.com

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