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10 July 2012 @ 7:30 am

This race forms part of “The Big 5 at The Knysna Oyster Festival” – a special package being offered by various event organisers, accommodation and lifestyle establishments. The event has grown in popularity, since its inception in 2008.


Trail Run : 15km. This is the one to do!

The longer Coelacanth Route will take you along the top of the Western Head where breathtaking vistas await; views across to the sheer cliffs of the Eastern Head and out over the Indian Ocean towards Buffalo Bay. Expect challenging hill work as you climb up from sea level, to take in the splendour on the ridge line above the Heads. You’ll find well-earned relief on the downhill into Lake Brenton and along the Outeniqua Choo Choo railway bridge, to the Finish Line back at the Featherbed Ferry Terminus @ Cruise Cafe.

Seahorse Trail Run: 11km

The shorter Seahorse Route takes a more direct line to the finish, with all its participants being driven to the top of the Western Head by the Featherbed Nature Reserve 4 x 4 truck and seated trailer. This will save your legs the steep, heart pumping, climb from sea level; however, there is still a fair share of challenging hill work to contend with as you join up with the longer Coelacanth Trail, on the ridge line above the Heads. The relief will come as you descend into Lake Brenton and along the Outeniqua Choo Choo railway bridge, to the Finish Line back at the Featherbed Ferry Terminus @ Cruise Cafe.

The following races are on offer:

A MORNING RUN at 07.30am

An AFTERNOON RUN at 12.30pm.

A NIGHT RUN at 17.15pm

All races start at the Featherbed Ferry Terminus @ Cruise Cafe with the Ferry Trip across the Lagoon, so make sure you arrive early !Don’t Miss The Boat !

Entries are limited to 200 runners for the Morning Run (+ 100 additional Big 5 participants), 200 runners for the Afternoon Run (+100 additional Big 5 participants) and 200 runners for the Night Run. 2011 participants wishing to participate in this year’s Salomon Featherbed Trail Run will be given first priority and entries will open to this category only on the 24 March 2012 at midday. These past participant priority entries will need to be taken up before the 1 April 2012 midday when entries will be open to the general public.

Your entry fee will include:

-Ferry trip across the Knysna Lagoon
-Unimog Trip to the top of Featherbed Peninsula (for Seahorse Athletes)
-Permits and Entry Fees to Featherbed Private Nature Reserve.
-Brunch or Dinner for the respective race you entered.

All races start with athletes taking a ferry trip across the lagoon. On arrival at Featherbed Nature Reserve, the Coelacanth athletes will start their race from the Jetty, while the Seahorse Athletes ride by 4 x 4 Unimog Truck & Trailer (almost) to the top of the Western Head where their race starts from.

Registration will take place on the day of the races at the Cruise Cafe – Ferry Terminal.

  • Morning Run Registration 05h30 to 07h15 – Ferry departs at 07h30.
  • Afternoon Run Registration 10h30 to 12h15 – Ferry departs at 12h30
  • Night Run Registration 15h30 to 17h00 – Ferry departs at 17h15There will be great product prizes for lucky draw finishers including a 5 star weekend away to one of The Legacy Hotel Group’s resorts.

The Featherbed Company propose to introduce a Featherbed Trail Run Spectator package – this will allow your friends, family or supporters to board their own ferry and travel to the Knysna Heads to watch the action from the comfort of your craft. Coelacanth participants will be seen traversing the first section of trail along the jagged coast before they climb up to the top of the western Head.

Once off the ferries, Seahorse athletes will be transported by vehicle to their remote start. Unfortunately it will not be possible to move spectators to this start point however their progress will be seen from the boat on the lagoon as they travel up to their start line.

The boat will then follow runners progress back to Knysna and, subject to the tide, offer an additional spectator point close to the main channel along the disused ChjooChjooRailwayBridge – watching athletes make their way to the Finish Line at the Featherbed Ferry Terminus @ Cruise Café.



10 July 2012 7:30 am
Event Category:
15km: R290; 11km: R280; spectators: R180
Cruise Cafe Knysna


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  1. fantasties!
    japie swanepoel10 Jul 2012
  2. Avatar of Lodewyks
    I entered for the 15km race the morning and when I went to fetch my bib and number there were no trace of my name and info on the system. The girls at the entry table looked stressed out and there were only 1 girl seems to know what is going on at the entry table. I wrote all my info on a piece of paper and when a finish the announcer still call me Danie Lode, on the final results my name is still Danie Lode.The technical side of the race were well organised and the marshals beyond provisional and friendly.
    Danie Lodewyks13 Jul 2012
  3. Hi all. I did the Coelacanth morning run and was one of the proud Blue vest runners. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere electric! The route was great and the marshals was always willing to lend a helping hand and offer a word of encouragement!! This is really such an amazing race to take part in and I will definitely be back next year. I loved the fact that there was space for spectators to. I would like to offer the following feedback: 1. Enable runners to do the registration the day before and just have some sort of attendance register to complete on the Event day. This will assist with the congestion issue the morning of the race. 2. There were three different vest colors. Why not split the registration between this instead of having it split between the two races? 3. Have more than one station where you can register. This will ensure faster through flow 4. The pre-race brief was done on route. Is it not perhaps possible to rather provide this in printed form / email to the runners? The noise and excitement level on route was just to much and you could not clearly hear 5. Provide clear signage for the Spectators to ensure that they know where to go and perform their registration I was extremely disappointed in the food service afterwards and feel that this section can be greatly improve. 1. The majority of the food was served at tables inside the tented closed up area. Understandably enough the air was not of the freshest and this mixing with the food smells was really not very appetizing . Is it not possible to have the food served outside or at least have the tent a bit more ventilated? 2. Turn around was extremely slow and we had to wait for at least 20 min before the waiters even took notice of us. We eventually left because of this and the air which was not at its best causing us to feel sick The final bit of feedback would be on communication prior to the event. I think this can be improved a bit as I had to sent emails to esquire about details relating to the run as well as the spectators information.
    Linette Meyer25 Jul 2012

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