RoundTable Powerline 239 Buffalo Run 2016

Starting times: 8am Enter at the venue from 6:30am

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Pentagon Pistols 12.25km Charity Run

Starting time: 6:30am Enter on the day from 5am.

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Pride in Tyres / Pentagon Berg-op Berg-af Half Marathon & 10km

This is a challenging yet scenic route run along the top of Naval Hill, the world’s only game reserve completely within the city boundaries. The first two kilometers are easy and downhill. To get onto the Hill there is a fairly steep climb but once at the top the run is pleasant, easy and flat. […]

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Pentagon Pistols/Berg- en- Dal 10km

Starting time: 6pm Enter on the day from 4:30pm only.

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SPAR Women’s 10 km Challenge- Johannesburg

Starting time: 8am Phone 083 274 9906 for pre-entries or enter on the day from 5:30am

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Nelson Mandela Bay 1 City Marathon and Relay

Relay legs are 10km, 11.1km, 10km & 11.1km. Primary and high school legs are 3 x 5km, 1 x 6.1km, 3 x 5km, 1 x 6.1km Starting times: 42.2km: 6:30am; Relay & 5km Fun Run: 7am. Pre entries, available on  Entries will also be taken on the Friday evening and on the morning of the […]

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Sportscentre race

Starting time: 10km: 8am; 3km: 8:10am Pre-entries available online at and closes on the 31 May 2016. Late entries available on 3 June 2016 between 4:30pm and 6pm at Sportscentre, York Street, George

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Hydrassist Half Marathon

Late entries on the morning are still available

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Sportscentre 10 & 3km

Starting times: 10km: 8am; 3km Fun Run: 8:10am. Pre-entries, available on, close 31 May 2016.  You can also enter on 3 June at the Sportscentre in York Street, George, from 4:30 – 6pm.

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City of Champions 10 & 5 km Youth Challenge

Starting times:  10km: 7am; 5km: 7:15am Pre-entries are available at  Brian Bands Sports; Active Sports; The Footballer; Brockets Sports.  These close 15 June 2016.  You can also enter on Friday 17 June at the venue from 5pm – 7:30pm, or on the day from 5am.

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