Going For Green At Comrades 2017!

491 more runners are set to join the coveted Comrades Marathon Green Number Club at this year’s 92nd Comrades Marathon.


To date, 12,622 athletes have earned their place on the Comrades Marathon Green Number Roll of Honour. Green Number runners retain their Comrades Marathon race number in perpetuity. They are members of an exclusive group of runners who have great passion for the Comrades Marathon.

The criteria for inclusion in the Comrades Marathon Green Number Roll of Honour is three wins or five golds or 10 plus medals. The 2017 Comrades Marathon Green Number statistics are as follows:

Going for Green (Running Their 10th Comrades)

Gender Finishes Number
Male 9 417
Female 9 74


Going for Double Green (Running Their 20th Comrades)

Gender Finishes Number
Male 19 95
Female 19 15

 Going for Triple Green

Among those going for Triple Green status is 1993 Comrades Women’s Winner, Tilda Tearle.

Gender Finishes Number
Male 29 19
Female 29 2

Going for Quadruple Green

First Name Surname Race Number Finishes
Boysie Van Staden 2516 39
Johann Van Eeden 1691 39
Mike Cowling 7296 39
Shaun Wood 4286 39
Wietsche Van Der Westhuizen 4192 39


2017 Quadruple Green Number Runners

First Name Last Name Race Number Finishes
Barry Holland 916 44
Louis Massyn 403 44
Alan Robb 1704 42
Dave Lowe 1702 42
David Williams 1550 41
Tommy Neitski 1689 40
Vic Boston 3111 40
Zwelitsha Gono 1180 40


CMA General Manager, Chris Fisher says, “The achievements of our Comrades Green Number athletes is remarkable. The number of runners who have run this race consecutively for more than 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years is simply astounding. We wish all of the participants in this year’s up-run the very best as they count down to Sunday, 4 June 2017.”


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