Two Oceans Trail Run 2012 – ripppppp off of the year!

By Kevin Flanagan

Dear Two Oceans Marathon Committee

I am sure you are well aware by now, there is quite a large group of trail runners out there that are not particularly happy with your entry fees to the 2012 Two Oceans Trail race.

R450 for the 22 km run / R350 for the 10km (excluding timing chip +R100)

Let’s do the maths:

R450 / 22km = R20.45 per km

R350 / 10km – R 35 per km (talk about killing off the growth of a sport)

A military tank gets better consumption than that! Can we assume that you have laid down a silk carpet on the trail, possibly built a zip line from the top of Devils peak to the start/fishing area? Just be careful, Jeb Corliss the world’s leading base jumper flew a bit too close to table mountain the other day and broke a leg. So make sure you have at least 10 meters of clearance over all obstacles. Otherwsie, it should be amazing!

Will there be a baby PUMA cub in the race bags? That would be great, but please be sure to punch some holes in the box, the last thing we would want is to take advantage of the poor little chap…not so?

PUMA cubs, now included in race goodie bags

It might be worthwhile getting a few financial institutions (Old Mutual) to drop some leaflets into the bags. After all, if Two Oceans one of the country’s leading marathon organizing bodies are going to set the tone for 2012 race prices, I am going to need some financial assistance.

There has not been much feedback to justify the costs, but this is what I have seen to date:

  • It’s due to a combination of limited entry fields – limited people, limited infrastructure?  
  • Green fee payments to ensure that we can use the Trails – fair enough
  • New Technical USP moisture management PUMA shirt (included as opposed to having to buy it for R 399 – if I want to purchase a t-shirt, I’ll grab one at the expo, but I currently have an oversupply of race shirts which get donated to street kids on a monthly basis.
  • Includes high quality medal to all finishers – is it made out of real gold?
  • Includes generous category prize money – lucky draw Ferrari, or can we win our money back? 
  • Increased infrastructure costs at the start and finish – will there be a jumping castle, beer tent, rock about a petting zoo where we can drop off our puma Cubs?

I also think a slogan change is in order

Two Oceans Marathon (trail) – the world’s most beautiful marathon – incorrect

More like

Two Oceans Marathon (trail) – the world’s most expensive trail race.

Two Oceans Marathon (trail) – Once in a lifetime event, you’ll never be able to afford it again.

Two Oceans Marathon – Pay now, suffer later!

Don’t worry guys, your event will sell out. However you are going to get a big group of died hard trail runners out there that are going to boycott. Just remember these are the boys and girls that turn up race after race to support events. Without the runner, the race never happens.

Wishing you financially prosperous 2012!

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4 Responses to Two Oceans Trail Run 2012 – ripppppp off of the year!

  1. Bob 18 January 2012 at 6:52 pm #

    With the Western Province led move to have trail running fall under organised athletics – read WPA and ASA – and now joined by a few nobody runners from Gauteng and KZN – this is probably a taste of much more to follow. Hold onto your runs and do not weaken.

    • Aziez 25 January 2012 at 12:24 pm #

      Bob, I take it you speak for all trail runners and that the rest of us who might support such a move ranks amongst the nobody’s. I am actively involved in developing athletics & running in general and can assure you that the nobody’s you refer to would blow away the majority of runners you refer to. This I aptly demonstrated at a trail run in the Eastern Province recently where one of the young, average (3min/km) runners I took to the the event blew away seasoned trail runners at a local trail race. This I can assure you would be the case all of the country if we open and make the sport accessible to more people – unless of course this is what you fear. This however is a debate on it’s own. So, please be careful before labelling others as nobody’s who might support such a move. It might assist finding out what exactly the reasons are for such a proposal.

  2. Russell 19 January 2012 at 11:16 am #

    I don’t suppose the organisers can do much if one joins the race just after the start and finishes just before the end as there are no water tables on the route, so technically you won’t be making use of amenities or facilities that you have not paid for. The mountain is free for anyone to run on is it not?

  3. Sean 2 February 2012 at 5:28 pm #

    Heck that was expensive for all those guys that entered on the 1st day! Seems like TO has raised the bar on the costs of trail runs. A lot of the trail runs are already more expensive per km than road races and this may encourage organisers to up the ante some more!
    However, supply and demand seem to rule here and a lot of people exercised their choice to enter at those costs even though they are ridiculously high.
    Ironic that people probably started trail running to get away from the “commercial” aspect of road running and get back to nature.

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