Shoe Wear

The status of a running shoe is usually judged by the amount of kilometres you’ve run in them. We expect you to get between 800 and 1200km in a pair of running shoes, but this depends on your size/weight, the terrain you run on and your biomechanics. There other ways of telling when you need a new pair.

Your running shoe may be worn if:

  • • You look at the outersole of the shoe and there is excessive wear at the back corner and under the ball of the foot area. Especially if the wear has gone through the outersole into the midsole material. This is bad.
  • • The uppers of the shoes collapse/ distorts inwards (or outwards). If the midsole of the shoe is worn thinner on one side than the other side. This means the midsole has collapsed.
  • • If you push the sole under the ball of the foot area and it is very soft.
  • • The innersoles of the shoes have excessive wear patterns.
  • • If you are experiencing little “niggles” in your feet and legs.

You can check them out yourself or go to your specialist running shop for advice. A sports podiatrist can also help you. Do not push your running shoes beyond their natural life span. This may cause injuries and in the long run will be more expensive than a new pair of running shoes. Get them checked out and get a new pair if necessary.

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  1. Tara says:

    Hi there,
    I live in Botswana and have footwear issues – how to get a great pair of running shoes that fit sent to me here. The sending is the easy part. I can order online / I have family that can send me some etc.. but how does one accurately know your right shoe size? I’m either a 6 or a 6.5 ladies.. (my shoes are always tighter on my left foot as I guess it’s slightly bigger) but I dont want to get running shoes sent up and have them too big or too small.
    Do you have any advice with regards to any online articles to read/websites to visit / measurement charts for SA sizes?
    Please note though that we do not have ONE running shop in Botswana. (we have no traffic lights and we’re more likely to get chased by lions)
    Thank you so much

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