Top Group Training Benefits

Looking to get fitter and faster and have more fun? Work out with other runners.

22 Sep 2015 / 0 comments.

Children And Running

Introduce kids to running for a lifetime of healthy living

20 Dec 2011 / 0 comments.

Three Day Fitness Plan

You can stay in shape through the holidays by running just three days a week for six weeks.

12 Dec 2011 / 0 comments.

Train Your Muscles To Run Further, Faster

Train yourself to run the right muscles.

9 Aug 2011 / 3 comments.

The 1Km Challenge Training Programme

Improving your speed over 1km can dramatically increase your speed over longer distances. Take the RW 1km Challenge, follow our training programme and let us know how you fare.

4 Aug 2010 / 0 comments.