Break The Sub-2 Half-Marathon Barrier

Break 2 hours in your next half marathon with these top tips.

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Get CT Marathon Race-Day Ready!

You’ve done the training. Here’s everything you need to maximise your Sanlam Cape Town Marathon race.

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Run Your First (Or Fastest) 5-K!

A 5-K is a perfect goal for new runners – and it’s a great way to test yourself if you’ve done a few races already.

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Walker To Runner In 10 Weeks!

Kick-start your running career with this simple 10-week programme.

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7 Tips For Fuelling Your First Marathon

Practice your nutrition during training and get to the starting line prepared.

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Smash Your Best 5, 10, 21-K!

These expert tips will help you reach your goals.

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How To Recover From Your First Half Marathon

What to do in the minutes, days, weeks after a race.

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Run Your Best 5-K or 10-K In 6 Weeks!

There’s plenty to gain from racing shorter distances.

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How to Run a 5K with Your Dog

Here are eight steps to take before you sign up your pup to run a race.

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12-Week Half-Marathon Plan For Beginners

Are you running your first half marathon? Follow this 12-week beginner half marathon training programme to run your best race!

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