5 Great Ways To Break Up Long Run Boredom

Simple strategies you can use to break up those longer kays when training.

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8 Ways To Up Your Cadence

Increasing your steps per minute can make you a more efficient runner – but there’s no magic number.

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The 10-Minute Post-Run Core Workout

Get stronger and avoid injury with this 10-minute post-run routine.

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Just Because You Sweat Doesn’t Mean You’re Dehydrated

Prolonged exercise actually liberates water stored within your body.

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Can Love And Running Co-Exist?

You and your partner both love running and being together. So why doesn’t it go so well when you actually run together?

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Let Go of Pace – Run By Feel!

It’s easier said than done – especially for data nerds – but effort-based pacing ensures you’ll perform your best on the given day.

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5 Ways To Maximise Your Winter Training!

If you’re struggling to brave the cold, here’s why running when the mercury drops is a smart move…

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6 Tips For Running In Your Later Years

Advice for older runners on how to stay active and injury-free.

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3 Things That Happen When You Run Without Headphones

Ditch those earbuds and tune in to your run. You’ll survive!

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Missed Your Time Goal – Again? Here’s How to Stay Motivated

You’re only a failure if you fail to learn from your mistakes and make changes in your training and racing.

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