8 Yoga Poses For Runners

A simple yoga routine loosens tight spots, strengthens weak spots, and makes you a better, less injury-prone runner.

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8 Yoga Moves for Time-Crunched Runners

Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, these poses can improve your performance.

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HOW TO: Add Weights to Your Yoga Routine

Make yoga part of your strength-training routine and boost your running performance.

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What’s the Benefit of Cross-Training?

If your goal is to run faster, doing other activities can and will help.

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How to Balance Yoga and Running

Yogis should focus on easy running, while runners should choose less intense yoga classes.

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6 Soothing Yoga Poses

Gentle yoga – using pillows – can restore weary muscles.

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8 Reasons Runners Should Do Yoga

Practising regular yoga will help your running more than you might think.

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5 Yoga Inversion Poses for Runners

Try these relaxation stretches to speed running recovery.

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ITBS Relief

The number-one injury experience by Runner’s World readers: iliotibial band syndrome (ITB). This simple routine addresses that common trouble spot.

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Power Yoga Series

Get a spring in your step and peace in your soul with power yoga!

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