5 Things Runners Should Know About Knees

Many knee problems in runners are the result of things going on elsewhere in the body…

23 Jul 2017 / 1 comment.

5 Gentle Yoga Poses That Help Relieve Stress

Holding gentle poses for minutes at a time releases tension in the body and the mind.

17 Jul 2017 / 0 comments.

Build Up Your Core Strength!

The key to better, injury-free running lies in deep muscles you’re not working – yet.

17 Jul 2017 / 0 comments.

Don’t Forget Your Gluteus Medius

Work the smaller glutes to stay injury-free.

10 Jul 2017 / 0 comments.

6 Reasons To Strengthen Your Ankles

Hint: You’ll become a better runner!

10 Jul 2017 / 1 comment.

5 Swimming Workouts For Runners

Hit the pool for a change of pace and you’ll become a fitter, more well-rounded athlete.

7 Jul 2017 / 0 comments.

How to Fix Your Posture So You’re Less Injury-Prone

Biomechanist Katy Bowman demonstrates three alignment cues you can use.

4 Jul 2017 / 0 comments.

9 Killer Core Moves For Total Body Strength

This nine-exercise routine stretches and strengthens your body from your neck to your knees – improving your posture, and in turn, your running.

2 Jul 2017 / 2 comments.

6 Moves To Build Springiness & Strength

For a fast 5K, combine dynamic and stabilising moves – and make them harder over time.

30 Jun 2017 / 0 comments.

5 Quick Stretches When You’re Crunched for Time

Don’t think you have time after a run? These moves are fast, easy, and get the job done.

27 Jun 2017 / 0 comments.