Preparing and training for trail racing

Trail running is vastly different from running on the road. Here are a few tips on training specifically for the trail.

21 Jul 2010 / 0 comments.

Trail Running 101

So you want to get into trail running, but you don’t know where to start. Is it for you? Why trail running instead of road running? We answer all your questions right here.

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The Best Way To Run Faster

If there is one lesson that amateur runners can learn from the world’s best is the speed at which we turn our legs over during running. Here’s why running cadence could be the single best way to improve your running.

17 Jun 2010 / 0 comments.

Come Back Strong

After plenty of experience watching talented ‘varsity students leave their running regimen behind when they leave Varsity, only to return to the sport months/years later heavier and unfit. The following training principles yield the best results for making a strong comeback.

28 Apr 2010 / 0 comments.

Basic Gear to Get Started

Getting started? Here’s what to wear for maximum comfort and performance.

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Injury Prevention: The Basics

Runners are prone to injuries. We give you advice on how to keep injuries at bay.

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Taper Tips

Tapering is essential to run your best race. Here are a few tips.

19 Nov 2009 / 0 comments.