The Newbie Guide to Running When It’s Cold

The temperature on the weather forecast won’t feel the same when you’re moving.

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Give the 5K a Second Chance!

Here’s how to make your next five kilometre race better than your first.

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4 Workouts For Winter

Try one of these 4 workouts and you’ll be running strong all winter long.

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How To Fuel Before A 5K

Proper pre-race fuelling will help you stay energised for your 5K, without leaving you with an upset stomach.

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10 Reasons You Should Run A 5-K

The humble 5-K is the ideal distance. You can train and still have a life, race hard and walk normally the next day, and get really fit really fast.

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How Often Should I Strength Train?

Just like when you add more kilometres, the key is to build gradually.

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5 Training Mistakes Every Runner Makes

Correct these five training mistakes while out on the roads and get the most out of every run.

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No Such Thing As Too Slow!

Going very easy keeps you fit and injury-free.

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The Beginner’s Quick Guide to Running

Don’t be intimidated by running – we answer all of your beginner FAQ’s.

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Your 8-Week Half-Marathon Training Programme

Master the half marathon in just 8 weeks!

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